My life long interest in geopolitics led me to study how seemingly unrelated global and national events can affect the values and volatility of New Zealand financial markets – the economic butterfly effect.

I am the Managing Director of Independent Treasury Advisors Limited (ITAL), a company that specialises in strategic treasury risk management, the governance of treasury management and administration, and transactional banking.

Understanding the economic butterfly effect is an essential factor in the quality of my advice to clients.

I assist organisations within infrastructural, local authority, primary and manufacturing sectors to manage treasury related risks including infrastructure borrowing, debt management, liquidity management, and first-hand currency and interest rate risk management. I provide advice on global and local debt, investment and capital markets portfolios encompassing domestic and major international financial markets.

I am a Fellow of the Financial Institute of Australasia (FINSIA) and a Certified Treasury Professional member of the Institute of Finance Professionals New Zealand Inc. (INFINZ).